Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of computer/VPS do I need to run JuBot?
It has to either be a 64bit Windows or Mac computer (OSX 10.12 and above). The requirements for running JuBot aren't really much at all. You really only need a minimum of 1GB RAM though I recommend at least 2GB RAM and an SSD.

Does the bot work automatically even if I turn off my PC?
JuBot is self-hosted so your computer/device running it needs to be online 24/7. You can use it on your home internet connection of course though I highly recommend getting a VPS for any serious traders. (since there is no way a home internet connection will beat a dedicated connection with 99.99% SLA)

VPS provider do you recommend?
I recommend Vultr. They have the fastest performing CPUs for the listed specs, unlike AWS and other VPS providers like OVH who oversell/overprovision their systems. Plus Vultr publishes Geekbench benchmark scores which is a major plus in my books. They have a coupon running from time to time too (not a referral code):
One downside is the high $16 monthly Windows licensing fee, which can be avoided if you know how to create & install your own custom Windows ISO:

I'm having troubles launching the program, it seems to be blocked?
Make sure you have unblocked the file. Right click on the exe file and select "Unblock" and apply. Also make sure to select "Allow access" if Windows Defender prompts etc come up.


What TradingView strategy/script can you use together with JuBot?
You can use whatever strategies/scripts with JuBot as long as the alerts are from TradingView and/or come in via email or Telegram.

Can I use JuBot with my own custom trading signals without TradingView?
Yes sure as long as the signals come in via:

  • Email - the alert syntax has to go in the Subject field and you also have enter the sender's email address into "Authorised Sender" in the Settings.
  • Telegram - as long as you prepend your alerts with the "/jubot" syntax as per Telegram Setup.


I made a mistake in my TradingView alert syntax and now it constantly tries to reperform the trade even after getting an error from the exchange?
JuBot will constantly retry the previous action whenever an error is received, this is done to ensure 100% reliability regardless of error type.

If you made a mistake and want it to stop retrying the attempt constantly, you can either:

  • Use the "/restart" command via Telegram if you have that set up.
  • Manually close the bot and run it again.
Either way, the bot will no longer attempt to reperform that particular trade when it starts up again.

I made a mistake in my EMAIL alert syntax (or a TradingView alert that came in via Email) and now it's stored in the database and tries to redo the previous incorrect trade. Is there a way for me to reset my (past trades) database?
Well the fastest answer is to copy across the tradeDATABASE.db file that came with the JuBot download. (The one that is distributed together with the bot download is basically an empty database with the correct column structures). Next untick the option that says "Enable Trading" in the Settings tab and press the button that says "Save + Restart". Let the bot restart and finish parsing the old emails before going back to the Settings tab and now ticking again "Enable Trading" and "Save + Restart". Make sure to also delete that email that had the incorrect syntax/command.

ADVANCED: Alternatively you can use the following SQLite Editor to manually edit your tradedatabase.db file:
Download Link:

When I have the bot running I sometimes get this message via Telegram?: "XXXXX - Starting email scan from the beginning.."/GMAIL ERROR CPXX
That happens due to internet/gmail related issues. "read operation timed out" means that the server is uncontactable, meaning either Gmail is not responding, or your own internet isn't responding etc. As Jubot will automatically keep retrying, hence you can just ignore it unless it constantly happens in a row without stopping.

Why do some of my trades show up as IGNORED in the database?
View below.

What are tf settings in syntax and do I have to use them?
The tf syntax serves 2 purposes below, and is specified in SECONDS. If you don't specify a tf setting as required, the default Timeframe of 2 hours (7200 seconds) will apply.

  • Eliminates a pesky rare TradingView bug that happens when TradingView moves their alerts database from one server to another (admitted by their support staff) that results in sometimes double/duplicate alerts being fired in the same candle.
  • Ensures that only the first and fastest alert is actioned if you use both the GMail and TradingView integrations.
If you are merely testing your alerts/sending alerts via Telegram, I recommend you use tf=1, or give each of your alerts UNIQUE/DIFFERENT names, as the tf settings will reject duplicates if they have identical syntax to a PREVIOUS alert within the set tf window. (eg if your tf is 3600, it will check for a duplicate 3600 seconds BEFORE this alert, and if such a duplicate exists, the current alert will be rejected/ignored)

When I have the bot running I sometimes get this message via Telegram?: "No order necessary"
The minimum order size for any symbol on Bitmex is 1 contract. If your order size q=#% together with the leverage is too small such that the bot calculates that the final order size is less than 1, the bot will skip the order because it will would have been rejected by Bitmex after all. Eg smallest 1 contract on XBTUSD is $1 worth, but 1 contract on ETHZ18 is the price of 1 Ether eg ~$210 at time of writing.

Can I use Jubot on Bitmex Testnet as well or does it only work on the real Bitmex?
Yes you can use it on bitmex testnet as well. You will need to head into the Settings tab and tick the "Use Testnet" option. (Note: bitmex testnet and the real bitmex have different logins/APIs)

How do I set JuBot to do PostOnly orders to save on fees?
All limit orders are done as PostOnly by default. If the order gets rejected because it would have been executed instantly, JuBot will automatically recheck the orderbook and place it at the edge of the orderbook. Maximum of 5 VALID retries (NOT including overload retries), after which the limit order will be submitted without PostOnly.

If I want to set a TP/SL of 50% ROE and my leverage is 20x how do I set my TP/SL?
Where a % for price related syntax is applicable, these refer purely to PRICE alone. This specific example would need you to put (50/20), that is sl=2.5% or tp=2.5% depending on which one you pick.